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Institute of Brain Tumor

Introduction of Institute of Brain Tumor

The major research directions of the Institute of Brain Tumor include (i) basic researches on application: including research on the molecular characteristics of tumor stem cells, research on pathogenesis, research on molecular targeted drugs, research on new methods and new technology of diagnosing brain tumors, etc.; (ii) clinical medicine research, including establishment of brain tumor sample bank/cohort research, establishment of comprehensive index system and large-scale clinical verifications for early warning and diagnosis of brain tumor, establishment of new drugs/new technology/new methods and large-scale clinical verifications for brain tumor treatment, research and development of new surgical equipment/instruments and materials, etc. The Institute of Brain Tumor consists of 8 research offices, which are biological sample bank, Nerve Electrophysiology Research Office, Neuropathology Research Office, Brain Tumor Genomics Research Office, Brain Tumor Proteomic Research Office, Brain Tumor Cell Biology Research Office, Neurotomy Research Office and Neurologic Drugs Research Office. There are 14 PIs in the Institute of Brain Tumor.

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