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Introduction of Institute of Stroke

The major research directions of the Institute of Stroke are (i) epidemiologic study on stroke; (ii) monitoring and research of stroke in the Beijing area; (iii) genomics research on stroke; (iv) proteomics research on stroke; (v) pathophysiological research on cerebral ischemia and hemorrhage; (vi) pre-clinical evaluation research on stroke drugs; (vii) outcome research on stroke; (viii) clinical trial research on stroke; (ix) relevant imageological researches on stroke; (x) construction and application research of clinical resources and sample bank of stroke; (xi) non-drug treatment research on stroke; (xii) kinetic research on cerebral blood flow; (xiii) research on vascular aging and functional reconstruction. The Institute of Stroke consists of 13 research offices including Stroke Epidemiological Research Office, Stroke Monitoring Research Office in Beijing Area, Stroke Genomics Research Office, Stroke Proteomics Research Office, Cerebral Ischemia and Hemorrhage Pathophysiology Research Office, Pre-clinical Stroke Drugs Evaluation Research Office, Stroke Outcome Research Office, etc., up to a total of . There are 13 PIs in the Institute of Stroke.

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