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Institute of Schizophrenia

Introduction of Institute of Schizophrenia

The major research directions of the Institute of Schizophrenia are: (i) early intervention of people at high risk for schizophrenia; (ii) biological diagnosis research on schizophrenia; (iii) individualized treatment research on schizophrenia; (iv) and research on the novel target and its mechanism for treatment of schizophrenia. The Institute of Schizophrenia consists of 8 research offices, which are Neuropsychology Research Office, Neurophysiology Research Office, Neuroimaging Research Office, Neurobiochemistry Research Office, Psychopharmacology Research Office, Children and Adolescents Research Office, Integration of Chinese and Western Medicine Research Office, and Clinical Resource Sample Bank. There are 10 PIs in the Institute of Schizophrenia.