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Institute of Parkinson disease

 Introduction of Institute of Parkinson disease

The major research directions of the Institute of Parkinson disease are (i) building nationwide clinical center and community integrated Parkinson disease study cohorts and team networks; (ii) conducting the thorough research on the pathogenic mechanism of aging, inheritance and environment factors centering on synuclein; (iii) developing appropriate technology for early warning and diagnosis, population intervention and individualized diagnosis and treatment; (iv) organizing and promoting pre-clinical and clinical research on standardized drug therapy, stem cell therapy and gene therapy of Parkinson disease; (v) exploring the establishment of a new mode for whole process administration of Parkinson disease. The Institute of Parkinson disease has established the Chinese Parkinson disease clinical multicenter and community study cohort and sample bank, the pre-clinical experimental platform for Parkinson disease and the clinical trial platform for Parkinson disease. There are 14 PIs in the Institute of Parkinson disease.