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Institute of Depression

Introduction of Institute of Depression

The Institute of Depression consists of 6 research offices, which are Office of Basic Research for Application, Depression Resource Bank Research Office, Clinical Research Office, Research Office of Brain Stimulation Therapy Technology, Institute of Clinical Trial for Drugs and Research Office of Psychological Evaluation and Treatment. The major research directions and contents of the Institute of Depression are (i) basic research for application of depression, including research on etiology and pathogenesis of depression and diagnostic and therapeutic researches on depression; (ii) clinical medicine research on depression, including establishment of sample resource base/cohort research of depression, research on early identification and early warning technology of depression, large-scale clinical verifying research and technology extension research on the whole-process quantitative treatment of depression, research on disease self-management model of depression and technology extension research, comprehensive treatment mode research and large-scale clinical verification of depression, brain stimulation therapy technology research and clinical application research on treatment resistant depression, and optimal treatment scheme research on comprehensive treatment by TCM; (iii) achievement transformation researches on depression, including individualized treatment technology research of depression, achievement transformation of concept verifying research on depression treatment drugs, application research of depression disease management by the computer-aided decision support system, achievement transformation research on brain stimulation therapy technology, and formulation and extension of the rules of diagnosis and treatment of depression and the treatment guidelines. There are 10 PIs in the Institute of Depression.