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Dezhong Yao

Dezhong Yao
Bachelor of Science (Physics) in Southwest Normal University of China, 1985
Master of Science (Agriculture) in Zhejiang Agricultural University of China, 1988
Doctor of Engineer (Applied Geophysics) in Chengdu Institute of Technology of China, 1991

Post-doctor ( 991 – 1993), Associate professor (1993-1995),Full Professor (1995-), Chang Jiang Scholar Professor (2006-) at University of Electronic Science & Technology of China(UESTC).
Visiting scholar at University of Illinois at Chicago (1997.9-1998.8), Visiting professor at Mcmaster University (2000.11-2001.4), Visiting Professor at Aalborg University (2003.11-2004.2).  
Dean of the School of Life Science and Technology of UESTC, 2001-.
Director, Key Laboratory for NeuroInformation, Ministry of Education(MOE), China,2010-.
Director, International Joint Research Center for NeuroInformation, Ministry of Science and Technology, China, 2013-.
Research Interests
1. EEG (Human EEG and ERP;electrophysiology of animal)
2. Brain-Computer interface and Brain-music interaction
3. EEG-MRI integration and its application in epilepsy
Main Awards
Natural Science Award (first class), Ministry of Education of China, 2009
Outstanding Youth Research Fund, Natural Science Foundation of China, 2005
National Excellent Teacher of MOE, 2010.
One of the Most Cited Chinese Researchers of Elsevier (Medicine), 2014, 2015.
Selected publications:
(1) EEG zero reference (REST)
Yao D. A method to standardize a reference of scalp EEG recordings to a point at infinity. Physiological Measurement , 22(4)(2001), 693-711.
(2) EEG Inverse Problem
P Xu, Y Tian, X Lei, D Yao*. Neuroelectric source imaging using 3SCO: A space coding algorithm based on particle swarm optimization and l0 norm constraint. NeuroImage 51 (1), 183-205,2010  
(3) Brain-computer interface
Lei X, Yang P, Yao D. An Empirical Bayesian Framework for Brain Computer Interfaces.  IEEE Trans NSRE, 17(6) (2009), 521-529 (cover paper)
(4) Scale-free Brainwave music and music effect
D Wu, CY Li, DZ Yao. Scale-free music of the brain,PloS one 4 (6), e5915
(5) EEG-fMRI integration
Li Dong, Diankun Gong, Pedro A Valdes-Sosa, Yang Xia, Cheng Luo, Peng Xu, Dezhong Yao. Simultaneous EEG-fMRI: Trial Level Spatio-Temporal Fusion for Hierarchically Reliable Information Discovery. NeuroImage, 2014 , 99 , 28 -41.
(6) Neuroimaging of Epilepsy
Luo C. ,Li Q.,Lai Y.,Xia  Y.,Qin Y.,Liao W.,Li S.,Zhou D.,Yao D,Gong Q.  Altered Functional Connectivity in Default Mode Network in Absence Epilepsy: A Resting -State fMRI Study.  Human Brain Mapping,32(3)( 2011 ),438-449.
(7) Modeling of epilepsy
Mingming Chen, Daqing Guo, Tiebin Wang, Wei Jing, Yang Xia, Peng Xu, Cheng Luo, Pedro A Valdes-Sosa, Dezhong Yao. Bidirectional control of absence seizures by the Basal Ganglia: a computational evidence. PLoS Computational Biology 03/2014; 10(3):e1003495