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Li-Ping Zou

Li-Ping Zou
Prof. Li-Ping Zou is the chief director of the pediatric department and center of pediatric medicine at the Chinese PLA General Hospital in Beijing. She is vice president of Beijing Society for Neuroscience (BJSN), and a standing committee member of the China Association Against Epilepsy (CAAE). She graduated from the Capital Medical University in 1983, and later completed her Ph.D. at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden in 1999. From 2001 to 2007, she became the Chief Director in the Department of Neurology and Centre of Rehabilitation at Beijing Children’s Hospital.

As a practitioner of new methods of pediatric clinical treatments, she carried out a number of randomized controlled trials (RCT) researches internationally. Among of these researches, the achievements of the magnesium sulfate for the treatment of infantile spasms have become an important evidence for the international hypothesis of magnesium abnormal lead to epilepsy. She suggested “Zou’s hypothesis”, which clarified the mechanism of infantile spasm and created a new way to understand and research of this disease. She chaired and participated in the treatment of significant impact infectious diseases and identification of vaccination-related emergencies. As a senior pediatric neurologist, she worked in the first line of pediatric clinical and successfully diagnosed and treated a large number of difficult and critically ill patients. During this course, she has explored some new diagnostic and therapeutic methods of children’s neurological diseases. As the continuous of the senior expert’s work, the mortality of Guillain - Barre syndrome fell from 30% to 1.1% by her and the team of GBS, which were the international advanced level. Other researches include the correlation between human leukocyte antigen and GBS, and autoantigen through the nose can cause immune tolerance. As China’s leader investigator of children cerebral vascular disease, she and her colleagues obtained the baseline data and systemic diagnostics’ methods of cerebral vascular disease in Chinese children. According to a research of the largest number internationally, she obtained the thrombolytic treatment regimen for ischemic stroke in Chinese children. In addition, she compiled and published the first book named "handbook of diagnosis and treatment for children with cerebral vascular disease."

She has trained more than 50 Master and (or) Ph.D. She served as the deputy editor of the organization to compile 18 books. She is an author of more than 220 publications in peer-reviewed journals, mainly in the areas neurology.

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