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Wenzhi Wang

Wenzhi Wang
1、Wenzhi Wang, M.D.
1) Director, the National Office for CVD Prevention and Control, Ministry of Health
2) Chief and professor, Department of Neuroepidemiology, Beijing Neurosurgical I

2、    Summary:

Dr. Wang is a neuroepidemiologist at Beijing Neurosurgical Institute (BNI), Beijing, China. Since 1995 he has been the head of BNI’s Neuroepidemiology Department, and PhD supervisor of Beijing Capital Medical University. Since 1988, he has been head of the National Office for CVD Prevention and Control, Ministry of Health. He has conducted neuroepidemiology research for 35 years, focusing on cerebrovascular disease, epilepsy, and dementia etc. He has been responsible for major projects of China’s National Science and Technology Bureau, and international collaborative projects. He publishes widely in international and China’s national medical journals, and is the chief editor/editor of 8 books. He is the deputy chair of the cerebrovascular group of the China Medical Association Neurology Branch, member of Beijing Hypertension Control Society, member of Beijing Cerebrovascular Control Society, executive council member of China Association Against Epilepsy, and editorial board member of 16 national medical journals.
Since 1981, Dr Wenzhi Wang has been engaged in research on neuroepidemiology in Beijing Neurosurgical Institute. His study direction have been focused on risk factors of main neurological disorders, especially on exploring the effective measures in community level to prevent and control stroke, epilepsy, dementia etc. He has got several honors and awards from government, Ministry of Health for research achievements on community control of epilepsy in rural China, population-based managements on hypertension and stroke. In recent years, Dr Wang has been published over 80 papers in English magazine and some Chinese medical journals.

3、    Three representative publications:

1)WZ.Wang, JZ.Wu, DS.Wang, et al. The Prevalence and treatment gap in epilepsy in China.  Neurology, 2003:1544-1545
2)WZ. Wang, JZ.Wu, et al. Efficacy assessment of Phenobarbital in epilepsy: a large community- based intervention trial in rural China. Lancet Neurology, 2006; 5:46-52
3)Wenzhi Wang, Bin Jiang, Hongmei Liu,et al. Minimally invasive craniopuncture therapy vs.conservative treatment for spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage: results from a randomized clinical trial in China. International Journal of Stroke, Vol 4, 2009, 11-16