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Xiaoli Li

Xiaoli Li
Employment & Education History
01/12/10 – present    Professor and Vice Director, State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning Beijing Normal University
01/10/07 – 30/11/10     Head and Professor, Department of Automation, Yanshan University
01/09/03 – 30/06/09   Research Fellow, Cercia, School of Computer Science, The University of Birmingham
01/11/02 – 31/09/03   Postdoc Fellow, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
01/01/02 – 30/09/07    Professor, Department of Automation, Yanshan University
01/11/00 – 31/10/02   Research Fellow of Alexander von Humboldt, Hannover University
01/11/98 – 31/10/00   Research Fellow, City University of Hong Kong
01/04/98 – 31/10/98   Research Assistant, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.
01/03/95 – 01/03/98   PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, China
01/09/92 – 31/12/94    M.Eng in Mechanical Engineering, Kunming University of Science & Technology, China
01/09/88 – 01/07/92    B.Eng in Mechanical Engineering, Kunming University of Science & Technology, China

Research Interests:
Neural Signal Recording and Processing; Brain Stimulation; Medical Instrumentation;
Epilepsy; Autism; Dementia; ADHD.

Track Record of Research Funding (PI):
1.    EEG-fNIRS Instrumentation for Children Brain Function Imaging, Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, RBM7,500,000, 01/2014-12/2016
2.    Mining analysis of brain rhythm induced by transcranial magnetic stimulation, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) (61273063), RBM830,000, 01/2013-12/2016
3.    Dynamic brain functional networks and its characteristics of pain matrix during the development of Chronic neuropathic pain, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) (81230023), RBM2,800,000, 01/2013-12/2017
4.    Synchronization analysis of neuronal oscillations and applications to neural clinics, National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholar, RMB2,000,000, 01/2011-12/2014
5.    Multi-channel Synchronization analysis of neuronal oscillations, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) (90820016), RBM500,000, 01/2009-12/201
6.    Dynamical signal processing and monitoring of complex system, Hebei Province Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholar, RMB 300,000, 01/2009-12/2011
7.    Program for New Century Excellent Talents (NCET), RMB 500,000, 01/2008-12/2010
8.    Prediction of epileptic seizures with phase synchronization of high frequency oscillations, Specialized Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education (SRFDP, 20060216003) RMB 60,000, 01/2007-12-200
9.    Phase Synchronization of Multiple EEG recording and Prediction of Epileptic Seizure, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) (60274023), RBM250,000, 01/2006-12/200
10.    Control and Synchronization of Time-delay Chaotic System and its applications, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), RBM250,000, 01/2003-12/2005

•    National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars of China, 2010
•    The 2nd Prize for Natural sciences award, Hebei Province, 2010, with project title “Intelligent Monitoring Theory and Technology for Manufacturing Systems”
•    The 2nd Prize for Natural Science award of Higher Colleges and Universities, Ministry of Education, 2006, with project title “Basic Research for Tool Condition Monitoring in Cutting Processes”
•    The 1st Prize for Natural sciences award, Ministry of Education, 2003, with project title “Parametric Approach for Control Systems Design and Its Applications”

Current Administrative Commitments

•    International Consortium of Autism Institutes, co-founder, 2016
•    Review Editor of Frontiers in Neuroscience Neural Technology, 2016.
•    Associate Editor for "International Journal of Tomography & Statistics” (2007-2009).
•    Associate Editor for “International Journal of Applied Mathematics & Statistics (2006-2009).
•    Member of the Journal Editorial Board for “The Open Journal of Cybernetics and Systemics”(2007-)
•    Editorial Board of World Journal of Anesthesiology, 2011.
•    Member of the Editorial Board for Journal of Data Analysis and Information Processing (JDAIP), 2013.
•    Member of the Editorial Board for Journal of Human Resource and Sustainability Studies, 2013.

PhD Students and Research Staff
He has successfully supervised 9 PhD students and 7 postdoctoral research associates, currently 11 PhDs and 4 postdoctoral research associates, as first supervisor or line manager. All his PhD students have achieved outstanding research results, and either senior management positions or research positions at the end of their PhD.

List of Publications

Dr Li has published over 180 refereed international journal papers in Neural Signal Processing and Engineering and Intelligent Monitoring and Diagnoses.

Selected Refereed Journals

[1]    Y. Bai, Z. Liang, and X. Li, "A permutation Lempel-Ziv complexity measure for EEG analysis," Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, vol. 19, pp. 102-114, 5// 2015.
[2]    M. F. Casanova, E. Sokhadze, I. Opris, Y. Wang, and X. Li, "Autism Spectrum Disorders: Linking Neuropathological Findings to Treatment with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation," Acta Paediatrica, Jan 27 2015.
[3]    J. W. Dong Cui, Zhijie Bian, Qiuli Li, Lei Wang, Xiaoli Li., "Analysis of entropies based on empirical mode decomposition in amnesic mild cognitive impairment of diabetes mellitus," Journal of Innovative Optical Health Sciences, vol. 8, p. 20, 2015.
[4]    J. Li, Y. Wang, P. Ren, E. M. Sokhadze, M. F. Casanova, and X. Li, "Transcranial direct current stimulation and challenging behaviors in autism spectrum disorder: a case study " HFSP Journal, vol. Accepted, 2015.
[5]    Z. Liang, X. Duan, C. Su, L. Voss, J. Sleigh, and X. Li, "A Pharmacokinetics-Neural Mass Model (PK-NMM) for the Simulation of EEG Activity during Propofol Anesthesia," PLoS One, vol. 10, p. e0145959, 2015.