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Yazhuo Zhang

Yazhuo Zhang
Yazhuo Zhang, M.D., Ph.D.    
President, Beijing Neurosurgical Institute
Director of Beijing college of neurosurgery
Professor of Department of Neurosurgery, Beijing Tiantan Hospital
President of Neurosurgical institute in Beijing college of neurosurgery, Capital Medical University
Director of Center of Brain Tumor, Beijing Institute for Brain Disorders
President of International Chinese Federation of Neurosurgical Sciences
Director of the Neuroendoscopic Specialists Association of Chinese Medical Doctor Association
Chairman of Neuroendoscopic committee of experts of Chinese Congress of Neurological Surgeons
Chairman of Chinese Endoscopic Doctor Association Endoscope and m
inimally invasive technique (Neuroendoscope) examination member of committee
The director of Neuroendoscopic technique training base of National health and Family Planning Commission of the P.R. China
The chief editor of the journal of Chinese Neurosurgery
Dr. Yazhuo Zhang is the president of Beijing Neurosurgical Institute and Chairman of Neuroendoscopic committee of experts of Chinese Congress of Neurological Surgeons .He has been awarded the outstanding leadership of Chinese endoscopy. He spearheaded the neuroendoscopic approach for skull base tumor, cavous tumor and The clivus chordoma. So far, he has treated more than 4000 cases of various neurosurgical diseases by neuroendoscopy including cerebral ventricle and cistern and skullbase disease. He designed and built the first training center of neuroendoscope. And every year in the domestic provinces and tour personnel endoscopic training, accumulated more than 2000 people, covering all provinces and autonomous regions.
His research mainly focuses on the pathogenesis and treatment of chordoma, pituitary adenoma and glioma. As the principal investigator, he has been funded with 12 important national research projects.Especically the investigation of pathogenesis and therapeutics of pituitary adenoma has reached the leading level worldwide.
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