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Xiang’en Shi

Xiang’en Shi
Xiang’en Shi, MD, Ph.D
Professor and chairman of   Neurosurgery department in ‘Beijing Sanbo Brain Hospital’
Xiang’en Shi, MD, Ph.D, Professor and chairman of   Neurosurgery department in ‘Beijing Sanbo Brain Hospital’ and ‘Capital Medical University’, Beijing, China. His clinical field of interest is in microsurgical cerebral revascularization of complex aneurysms and aggressive microsurgical resection of craniopharyngioma. He has more than 800 microsurgical experiences in craniopharyngioma cases since 1985.  Aneurysms in more than 150 cases, that were once considered untreatable or jeopardy because of their difficult clipping or coiling, are now being treated successfully through microsurgical cerebral revascularization. Dr. Shi has been published 100  articles in various domestic and international journals and he is an active member of numerous professional organization. His research interests focus on cerebral ischemia and skull base anatomy.
Three representative publications:
1.    Xiang’en Shi, Hai Qian, K. C. K. I. Singh, Yongli Zhang, Zhongqing Zhou, Yuming Sun & Fangjun Liu. Surgical management of vertebral and basilar artery aneurysms: a single center experience in 41 patients. Acta Neurochirurgica: Volume 2013;155(6):1087-1093.DOI 10.1007/s00701-013-1656-6 (Impact Factor, 1.520)
2.    Xiang’en Shi & Hai Qian & K I Singh K.C. ,Yongli Zhang & Zhongqing Zhou & Yuming Sun. Bypass of the maxillary to proximal middle cerebral arteryor proximal posterior cerebral artery with radial artery graft. Acta Neurochirsurgia 2011;153(8):1649-1655 (Impact Factor, 1.520)
3.    Shi Xiangen,Wu Bin,Zhou Zhangqing, Fan Tao and  Zhang Yongli: Craniopharyngioma: surgical experience of 309 cases in china.Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery. 2008. Vol 110/2 pp 151-159. (Impact Factor, 1.506)

Research Interests:

1.    Internal maxillary artery bypass for treatment of the cerebrovascular disorders
2.    Research of cerebral hymodynamics,metabolism and long-term prognosis of internal maxillary artery bypass for treatment of cerebrovascular disorders
3.    High flowbypass treatment for stroke in hemodynamic and metabolic cerebral ischemia caused by carotid artery and its trunk occlusion


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5.    Shi Xiang En, Wang Zhong Cheng. Factors influencing the postoperative survival time of patients with brain glioblastoma. Chinese Medical Science Journal1996;11:16