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Peiyi Gao

Peiyi Gao
Peiyi Gao,born in 1952, is a Professor, Senior doctor and Chair of Department of Radiology at Beijing Neurosurgical Institute & Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Capital Medical University.
   Personal Statement: Dr. Gao received his medical degree from Tongji Medical University in Wuhan, China. He also completed a fellowship in Neuroimaging from University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, US.

   Professional Organizations:
   Standing Committee of the Chinese Society of Radiology
   Director of neurology group of China Radiological Society
   Deputy editor of the Chinese Journal of Radiology
   Deputy editor of Radiology Practice magazine
   Chinese Medical Journal (English) editorial board
Research Orientation, Awards and Honors:
Dr. Gao’s research has focused on 1) Establishment and assessment of novel imaging techniques in early diagnosis and therapy-guiding in acute ischemic stroke, 2) Assessment and analysis of flow pattern and hemodynamic parameters at carotid bifurcation using MRA and CFD techniques, 3) application of molecular imaging in CNS, and 4) application of MR Elastography in Brain. He took the lead in putting forward the pre-infarction period,and the evidenced- based radiology in the world. He provided imaging methods, evaluation standards and imaging technique platform for clinical risk assessment and diagnosis of pre-infarction.  He won 1) one second prize for Science and Technology Progress Award of Ministry of Education, 2) one second prize of Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award,3) seven third prize of Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award, 4) first prize for 7 projects and Second prize for 14 projects for Science and Technology Achievement Award of the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau, 5) third prize of Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award, 6) first prize of Wang Zhongcheng Medical Award Grant, 7) Beijing outstanding contribution experts, and received the state council special allowance. He has published 64 papers as first author and more than 100 papers as corresponding author in National and International publications.

Selected publications:
1.    Wang XC, Gao PY, Xue J, Liu GR and Ma L. Identification of infarct core and penumbra in acute stroke using CT perfusion source images. AJNR,2010,31:34-39.
2.    Zhou J, Zhang HM, Gao PY, Lin Y, Li XG. Assessment of perihematomal hypoperfusion injury in subacute and chronic intracerebral hemorrhage by CT perfusion imaging. Neurological Research, 2010,32(6):642.
3.    Ma L, Gao PY, Hu QM, Lin Y, Jing L, Xue J, Wang XC, Chen ZJ, Wang YL, Liao XL, Liu ML, Chen WJ. Prediction of infarct core and salvageable ischemic tissue volumes by analyzing apparent diffusion coefficient without intravenous contrast material. Acad Radiol 2010;17:1506-1517.
4.    Jing LN, Gao PY, Lin Y, Sui BB, Qin HQ, Ma L, Xue J. Distribution of wall shear stress in carotid plaques using magnetic resonance imaging and computational fluid dynamics analysis: A preliminary study. Chin Med J (Engl).2011(10); 124:1465-1469.
5.    Sui BB, Gao PY, Lin Y, Jing LN, Qin HQ, Wang T and An J. Association of plaque compositions and stenosis patterns in carotid bifurcation using MR imaging. Neurological Research, 2012, 34(4): 366-372.