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Li, Yan

Li, Yan
Li, Yan, Ph.D. Professor
Principal Investigator
Institute of Biophysics Key Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Research, IBP
Biography & Introduction
1994-1998  BS in Department of Pharmacy, Peking University Healthy Science Center
2000-2004  PhD in Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Maryland
2005-2011 Research fellow/Research Associate in Department of Pathology,  Johns Hopkins University
2011-present  Principal Investigator in CAS Institute of Biophysics
Research interests
Protein modification is one of the significant mechanisms of protein function and disease progression. Our research interests focus on determining protein modifications associated with disease, especially for glycoproteins and their glycosylation. These include: the development of new technologies for low-abundance proteom and glycan analyses; discovery and verify disease biomarkers using high throughput approaches of clinical proteomics and glycomics.The aim of our researches is to provide a greater understanding of human proteome and glycans in the diagnosis and management of human disease.
Selected Publications
1.  Huang C, Zhan T, Liu Y, Li Q, Wu H, Ji D, Li Y. Glycomic profiling of carcinoembryonic antigen isolated from human tumor tissue. Clinical Proteomics. (2015);12(1):17-23.
2.  Li Y, Shah P, De Marzo AM, Van Eyk JE, Li Q, Chan DW, Zhang H. Identification of glycoproteins containing specific glycans using a lectin-chemical method. Analytical Chemistry. (2015);87(9):4683-7.
3.  Li Y, Wang X, Ao M, Gabrielson E, Askin F, Zhang H, Li QK.Aberrant Mucin5B expression in lung adenocarcinomas detected by iTRAQ labeling quantitative proteomics and immunohistochemistry. Clinical Proteomics. (2013)1;10(1):1.
4.  Yang, S., Li, Y., Shah, P., Zhang, H., Glycomic analysis using glycoprotein immobilization for glycan extraction. Analytical Chemistry, (2013)4;85(11):5555-61.
5.  Li, Y., Tao, S.C., Bova, S.G., Liu, A.Y., Tian, Y., Chan, D. W., Zhu, H., Zhang, H.  Detection and Verification of Glycosylation Patterns of Glycoproteins from Clinical Specimens Using Lectin Microarrays and Lectin-based Immunosorbent Assays. Analytical Chemistry, (2011)15;83(22):8509-16.