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Jiang Yong

Jiang Yong
Jiang Yong, born in 1978, associate professor of Clinical Trial and Research Center, Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Capital Medical University. Principal investigator of Institute of Stroke Research, Beijing Institute of Brain Diseases, Capital Medical University.
[Education] He graduated from clinical medicine department of North China Coal Medical College in 2001. In 2004, he graduated from epidemiology and health statistics, North China Coal Medical College and received a master's degree. In 2013, he got a PhD degree on epidemiology and health statistics from China Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC).
[Academic Job] Youth member of Professional Commission for Stroke Prevention and Control, China Preventive Medicine Association; Youth member of Chronic Disease Control and Prevention Commission, China Preventive Medicine Association; member of Data Analysis Research Commission, Chinese Association of Geriatric Research; youth member of Health Risk Assessment and Control, China Preventive Medicine Association.
[Main research direction, research contents] He has been engaged in the national epidemiological study of major chronic diseases and risk factors since 2004. He contributed to setting up the National Chronic Disease and Risk Factors Surveillance and Death Cause Registry. The major research focus on the prevalence of main chronic diseases and related risk factors, secular trends, disease burden and related methodology. He focused on the cerebrovascular disease research since 2014, engaged in stroke epidemiology, prevention and control research and big data technology application study.
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