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Prof. Xunming—Ji

Hello everyone, 

As aging of population, environmental pollution, mental stress and other problems continue to deteriorate over the past twenty years, the incidences of stroke, Alzheimer disease, Parkinson disease, brain tumor, epilepsy, neural injury and rehabilitation, depression, schizophrenia and other critical brain disorders have constantly risen, they have become significant problems which greatly threaten human health, economic development and social harmony and have received a high attention from the government, the public and scientific community.

At present, the major problems existing in the field of domestic and international major diseases are the dichotomy between basic research and clinical work, which is difficult for theoretical results to enter the clinic; the dichotomy between engineering research and medical research, which is difficult for materials technology to adapt to the clinic; the dichotomy between academic research and enterprise R&D, which is difficult for developed medicines to serve the clinic; and the dichotomy between scientific work and mass education, which is difficult for preventive measures to surpass the clinic. Therefore, it is possible to achieve the purpose of a significant reduction in the hazards of critical brain disorders only by connecting basic research and industrial R&D, centering on clinical diagnosis and treatment while adhering to the concept of "translational medicine"; and integrating the forces of universities, research units, hospitals, enterprises and even the government, finance and media for collaborative innovation.

"Beijing Institute For Brain Disorders" emerged at the right moment under this kind of environment, and probed into the genetic characteristics, pathogenic mechanism, early diagnosis, treatment methods and disease management and health promotion system of critical brain disorders in China by building up a multidisciplinary, multidimensional collaborative innovation system, promoting the building of an innovation team, trying a new incentive mechanism and an intellectual property sharing and achievement transformation mechanism to reduce the incidence and mortality of critical brain disorders, improve patients' living quality, reduce the medical expenses, promote the development of basic, clinical and translational disciplines and biological industrialization of critical brain disorders in China, and strive for building Beijing Institute For Brain Disorders into the international R&D center for control and prevention of critical brain disorders and the base for high-level talents cultivation after ten years of efforts.

On this occasion, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and best wishes to all sectors of the community and international friends who are concerned about and support our construction and development on behalf of all staff of Beijing Institute For Brain Disorders! And we invite colleagues at home and abroad to join in and cooperate, and let us work together for exploration and innovation and continuously make new contributions in order to reveal the mysteries of life and create human happiness!