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In August 2012 , in order to intensify the research on control and prevention of critical brain disorders,Beijing Municipal Government approved the establishment of Beijing Institute For Brain Disorders which is a scientific research institution constructed relying on Capital Medical University.

As the special talent zone and special technological zone of Capital Medical University,Beijing Institute For Brain Disorders aims to focus on critical brain disorders in the field of neuroscience,introduce and cultivate international first-class innovative talents,build the international first-class neuroscience discipline,develop the international first-class theoretical discovery and inventions,and consolidate and improve the international status and influence in this field,with the focus on the translational medicine research.

Its major task is to carry out basic researches,clinical basic and application researches on control and prevention of critical brain disorders,promote the transformation and application of major inventions in the research on critical brain disorders,cultivate high-level talents in the field of neuroscience,undertake International Alliance if Translational Neuroscience's daily affairs,and bear the management and operation of Translational Medicine Research Institute of Capital Medical University,Sophisticated Innovation Center for Human Brain Protection as well as relevant collaborative innovation centers.Its objective is to eatablish an international first-class translational medicine research center and an international first-class talent cultivation center,and promote the medical model transformation and industry development in China.


Beijing Institute For Brain Disorders implements the system of head responsibility under the leadership of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors serves as the decision-making body for Beijing Institute For Brain Disorders’ affairs, responsible for decision-making of daily affairs and major issues; the Academic Committee serves as Beijing Institute For Brain Disorders' supreme academic leadership body, and the Board of Directors authorizes the Academic Committee to make the final decision on academic issues. There are eight institutes and four offices under Beijing Institute For Brain Disorders; the eight institutes refer to the Institute of Stroke, Institute of Alzheimer disease, Institute of Parkinson disease, Institute of Brain Tumor, Institute of Epilepsy, Institute of Neural Injury & Rehabilitation, Institute of Depression and Institute of Schizophrenia, while the four offices refer to General Office, Personnel and Foreign Affairs Office, Scientific and Development Office and Finance Office.

There are a total of 130 full-time and part-time professors in Beijing Institute For Brain Disorders, including 5 academicians, 7 chief experts of 973 Program, 7 persons of Thousand Talents Program, 8 persons of Chang Jiang Scholars Program, 22 winners of Outstanding Young Investigator Award, 1 scholar of Recruitment Program of Global Young Experts, 6 scholars of Hundred Talent Program of CAS, 2 persons of Outstanding Youth Science Foundation of National Natural Science Foundation of China, and 11 high-level talents of the Beijing Overseas Talent Pooling Program. In 2016, the "Demonstration Base for Cultivation of Innovative Talents in Critical Brain Disorders" declared by Beijing Institute For Brain Disorders on behalf of Capital Medical University was successfully selected to the "Innovative Talents Promotion Project -- Demonstration Base for Cultivation of Innovative Talents" of the Ministry of Science and Technology.


Since its establishment, Beijing Institute For Brain Disorders has successively undertaken the task of construction of the "Collaborative Innovation Center for Control and Prevention of Critical Brain Disorders" and "Sophisticated Innovation Center for Human Brain Protection" for Beijing Municipal Education Commission, which marks that Beijing Institute For Brain Disorders has formed a complete R&D chain from the basic theory research on brain protection to transformation and application research in the field of neuroscience. So far, Beijing Institute For Brain Disorders has made a lot of original major scientific research achievements in the genetic characteristics, pathogenic mechanism, early diagnosis, research on early interference measures, etc. of critical brain disorders. Beijing Institute For Brain Disorders has integrated domestic and international related forces using superior clinical resources, and has become the academic center for leading and dominating the international scientific research and cooperation in the field of neuroscience.